Mail Drop Shoppe offers package receiving with defined street addresses and comprehensive mail centers that provide security for mail pickup and identity protection.

Our package receiving services prevent package theft by ensuring delivery to a safe and secure area staffed by shipping professionals.

On Vacation? Relax, We Have You Covered

The last thing you need to worry about when you’re on vacation is whether or not the new tablet that is arriving two days late will still be there when you return from paradise.

Peace of Mind

With the increasing volumes of shipping carriers, packages are being delivered later in the day. This means that packages are being left out overnight in many cases, tempting criminals to take advantage of the opportunity.

Apartments and Condos

Many larger buildings have undersized mail room spaces to accept packages. These rooms were designed into the floor plans well before the e-commerce revolution, and the subsequent spike in the number of parcel shipments.

The sheer number of people walking by the packages every day almost guarantees issues unless security personnel are present. Mail Drop Shoppe is the answer. We’ll receive packages and hold them until your schedule allows for pickup on your terms.